Treating your body

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP)?

The CPP is a professional membership organisation of western medical herbalists that sets the highest standards of practice in herbal medicine.  Established in 1991, it has members in 11 countries including Australia, South Africa and the USA.

All members are required to participate in a professional training scheme updating them with the latest scientific developments in medical and herbal research.  All members are fully insured.

How does herbal medicine work?

Herbs work to restore balance within the body by stimulating certain functions or relaxing them where necessary. Herbs are selected to build and strengthen the body's natural responses to ailments in order to heal itself more efficiently.

Every herbal medicine mixture is tailored to the individual's needs. And since we are all different most herbal medicine mixtures will be different too. The herbalist has a selection of flowers, barks, leaves and roots available to help with your healing process.

How long will I need to use herbal medicine?

At your first consultation I will clarify how long your treatment may need to last.  However, during the treatment you may find that your health improves quicker than expected.  Monthly visits are normal and for long term treatments a visit every three months may be adequate.

Can children take herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is suitable for babies and children of all ages.

How do I take my herbal medicine?

Your herbal medication may be in the form of a tincture, herbal tea, tablet, powder, cream or lotion but most importantly it will be according to your needs.  Full instructions are enclosed with your herbs.

Can I take my herbal medicine alongside my prescription medication?

Most herbs can be taken alongside your prescribed medication.  During your first consultation I will ask about your current medication and keep this in mind when putting together your herbal remedy.