Treating your body


  • Herbs work to restore balance within the body by stimulating certain functions or relaxing them where necessary. Herbs are selected to build and strengthen the body's natural responses to ailments in order to heal itself more efficiently.

    Every herbal medicine mixture is tailored to the individual's needs. At your first consultation I will clarify how long your treatment may need to last.  However, during the treatment you may find that your health improves quicker than expected. 



  • Why not transform your garden into a medicinal garden? There are many plants can be used, even common yet fascinating plants that have been used for millenia in England and Europe as standard medicinal remedies.

    Explore varieties of plants and learn how to convert some of them into effective remedies that can be stored and used long term.

    Let me help you to create a wonderful medicinal garden.


  • Often people have a herb garden and are not sure what to do next. At my workshops I help people to understand and maximise the benefits of their herb garden whether it be learning about edible weeds, natural remedies, general knowledge and even how to convert some of them info effective remedies that can be stored and used long term.

    Each workshop is different. Read more on some of my workshops.